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Most systems use either rotary heads or popup "spray" heads to water lawns.  If your lawn mower runs over a head, you need a professional to properly replace that head.

Flowers, bushes and topiaries are often irrigated by way of drip irrigation or a micro mist system.  If you would like drip irrigation installation at your home in Irmo, give us a call!

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With several years in the irrigation business as a solid enterprise, Irmo Sprinkler Repair has the experience, systems and know-how to enhance the overall performance and efficiency of your sprinkler system, as well as detecting and resolving any sprinkler system problem. We look forward to serving you with excellence. We are a full-service irrigation company servicing both business and residential properties, including Homeowners Associations. We have been solving water needs in South Carolina for a long time; each day we continue striving to give the best possible service to each customer. Irmo Sprinkler Repair is fully licensed and bonded and ready to do the work that is needed to get your pumps and pipes sprinkling as they should. We offer a wide range of capabilities well beyond a repair service; call us today at (803) 331-3978 to see how we can help transform your exterior project into a reality.

We have uniformed, factory-trained and dedicated technicians on staff. We are also proud to have certified backflow technicians that can cope with all your watering needs. As Irmo’s number one lawn care company we provide sprinkler repair services and are known for growing great turf and maintaining your property. Other service areas include Chaplin S.C. and Lake Murray S.C. Our affordable Annual Sprinkler Maintenance Plan and our expert repair service will help you prevent costly damage, save water and keep your sprinkler system in good shape all year-round. With years of service centered on affordable prices, quality products and dependable service, we are confident that our commitment to exceptional customer service not only allows you the best imaginable experience but the opportunity to also install money saving products that will give your green the look you require. The only call you need to make is to Irmo Sprinkler Repair who can create the perfect system for you today. Contact us for more details.

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We service any and all types of sprinkler systems including Rainbird, Toro, Nelson, Hunter, Weathermatic and Orbit. 

More Than just Sprinklers and Lawns, ask us about our landscape lighting options!

Professional Outdoor LED Lighting offers a wide variety of ways to highlight your home’s exterior beauty, making it a true showstopper. Through the use of landscape and yard lighting, we can make all the best features of your yard stand out, drawing the eye to every remarkable feature that your yard has to offer. The smart use of deck and patio lighting can not only brighten your spaces but add to their décor, turning them into true extensions of your home that flow almost seamlessly from indoor to outdoor space. Architectural lighting can draw out all of your home’s southern charm and appeal, making sure that the unmistakable detail of the south cannot be missed in your property.

If all of that isn’t enough to peak your interest, then why not look into the safety benefits that LED lighting can provide for pathways, docks, and pools? In the sometimes brutally hot summer months, these features can be essential to many Southern homes. However, without proper lighting, they are virtually unusable after dark for anyone following proper safety protocols. Eliminate these safety concerns today by installing LED lights to extend the use of these spaces well into the evening hours, allowing for midnight swims or a sunset rowing adventure.

Instead of allowing your home fade into obscurity when night falls, why not highlight its strengths with the installation of custom designed professional outdoor lighting? Make sure that your home stands out from the crowd by trusting Irmo Sprinkler Repair  to highlight all of its best features. With our help, your home can be a true showstopper at any time of day for only a fraction of the price that you would pay at a larger chain store. Call us at 803-331-5323 today to start your home’s transformation.

We can also install drainage systems for standing water issues, retaining walls and specialty watering systems for vegetable gardens, patios and hardscape areas.  One other top service we provide in landscape lighting installations! 


Irmo Sprinkler Repair employs only the most skilled technicians in the Columbia S.C. Area. You will be impressed with the ease of communication you'll have with us, the professionalism and the reasonable rates for any service we offer.


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Many sprinkler operations can have problems that stem from broken water mains, and this is something that we can look at for you. For owners who are not at ease performing the necessary inspection and maintenance tasks associated with keeping your irrigation system operating smoothly or those who are simply busy, you can rest assured that your sprinkler repair needs will be met with Irmo Sprinkler Repair. We can provide you with all of the services you need to maintain your system. We are well known in the community and the leading Sprinkler Repair and Sprinkler Systems provider. We offer quality inspection, maintenance and repair services at a reasonable price and can look at control panel repairs as well as irrigation pump repairs. We aren’t limited to just these though as we pride ourselves on having a vast range of services on offer. Other services include Drip Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, Lawn Irrigation and Pump Repairs. When you call Irmo Sprinkler Repair you won’t be disappointed in the quality of service we have to offer. We know how the locals like things done and we aim high in providing an exceptional experience every time.

Irmo Sprinkler Repair is your trusted choice for installation and repair of all aspects of your sprinkler system. We cater to all needs when it comes to repairs and installations. Having a long lasting, highly effective automatic irrigation system year after year isn’t as easy or automatic as it sounds. It can be overwhelming to know what is best when it comes to the health of your lawn. Irmo Sprinkler Repair has you covered. We can make sure your system gets regular inspections or maybe the renovation it needs. Frequent examination and maintenance of your system will ensure a long life span. Over time this regular upkeep actually gives you the maximum chance of keeping the cost of operation down. You want a system in place that will continue to deliver on all of the benefits that it did when it was new. Contact our experts today and we will help you get your lawn in its optimal condition.

Do you have a waterfall, water feature or a Koi Pond that you'd like to be automatically refilled?  We can install a zone valve to automatically refill the water.

Irmo Sprinkler Repair in South Carolina has all angles covered when you’re in need of sprinkler repairs and sprinkler head repairs, but that’s not all we can do. These however are the most common repair issues that we find when it comes to irrigation systems. We don’t take our work lightly and feel it is critical to point out that visual inspection along with knowledge of how your current system is operating is the key to identifying problems. If you notice slight variations in overall performance, this can suggest a potential problem. It is important to know precisely how much water your system puts out in various zones in a minute. This will give you a baseline for the average performance of your system. Once you have established a reference point of performance level for each zone, it is important to regularly measure the output of each zone to ensure that it is continuing to perform at optimal levels. A drop in water output can imply a decrease in pressure inside the pipes that feed the sprinkler nozzles and the drip emitters. This can also mean there is a leak that is small enough to escape discovery. If you suspect a leak could be the issue give us a call and a friendly team member will point you in the right direction. We have technicians ready to service and care for your lawn the right way first time around.

Inspecting your garden sprinkler means having a good look of the sprinkler nozzles and drip emitters to make sure that they're spraying (or dripping) from all of the designated areas. These are the parts that receive the most use during operation and they have the greatest potential for wear and tear. Any underperforming nozzle or emitter has to be replaced right away. If you are looking at valve repairs, it’s important to know the several valves in the system and the testing that should be done to ensure that they are operating properly. If not, they must be replaced to prevent damage to the other areas of the system as they are in charge of helping to regulate the water pressure in the pipes.

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